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Terms & Conditions

AMUU Tours consists of live training for options trading. All ticket prices are final sale. You may contact us if you need a refund for your purchased ticket. If there is valid reasoning for a refund, we will come to a conclusion of whether or not to deny your refund request. Any requests that are not approved will not be refunded. You must abide by the registration times that are posted for each tour. I f you do not make it in time for our registration period and you are not able to attend the session for that day, you are not subject to a refund. If you miss any time or days during the tour, you are not subject to any type of refund including no partial refunds unless there is a proven emergency. If there is a need for a refund, please use the contact us page or

Tour Material Policy

You may not use any information provided during the course to sell, advertise, or marketing for you or someone else's personal or business use. All information provided belong to AMUU LLC.

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