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Hey guys! My name is Mike and I grew up in both Florida and New York, but I'm originally from Florida. I started learning how to trade with my dad when I was 12 years old and later opened my first account in high school. I traded throughout my high school years and kept trading when I went to college for Aeronautical Science/Finance. While tackling my school work and taking lessons to become a private pilot, I still managed to make an exceptional amount of money in my later years of college. After obtaining my degrees, I worked at a small bank as a member relationship specialist. Meanwhile, I continued to trade and save money for expenses. After making connections in the finance industry in New York, me and a group of guys decided to create our own fund. I worked with them for around 6 months trading our capital and building up the fund. However, after some time I realized that working for investors and other companies wasn't the lifestyle I wanted to continuously live. So, I went my own way, retiring in Colombia and doing what I have a passion for the most—trading. Now my main goal is to help others create the same financial freedom I have today.

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