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Hi! My name is Aristotle and I'm a self-taught trader from Atlanta, GA. I was previously enlisted in the military for about 6 years as an Information Technology Specialist. While serving, I decided to become a barber for soldiers and my clientele started to expand from there. I put away all of my profits from barbering and thought to myself "I need to do something with this cash". So I began teaching myself how to invest through reading every book on the market, front to back. I started off long term investing, but I decided to branch over to option trading in 2017. I knew that others needed to know about option trading and how it could change their lives financially. As a result, I started an option trading group called Aristotle's Signals and Learning LLC. Unraveller and Mike became the administrators in my chat to help provide signals and assistance to customers. To ensure that people would understand options, I created a step-by-step guide on how to option trade by the name of Aristotle's Investing Guide. I knew that some individuals prefer other ways of learning besides reading, so my admins and I created this training course to teach options through live webinars. My goal is to ensure that everyone has a chance at financial freedom and I plan to do just that.

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